Welcome to The Body and Self Image Blog.

Our goal for collecting these stories is more about the feelings we all have rather than providing “the answer” to having a great body and self image. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you feel better about yourself (and we hope to introduce you to some). We do feel that reading the personal accounts of others will impart the sense that none of us are alone in how we perceive ourselves. 
People are interesting and all have a unique story to tell. Our guarantee of anonymity allows those who usually remain silent about their personal and private feelings to really open up and speak candidly. Here are stories from everyday men and women of all ages, colors and ethnic backgrounds as well as expert commentary from Psychotherapists, Plastic Surgeons, Personal Trainers and so much more.

If you would like to share your anonymous story or be a credited  guest blogger,  please email nsots68@gmail.com and visit the guideline submission page here:  How To Contribute .

If you would like to get updated as the stories come in, subscribe with your email address.

What’s Your story?


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