Toni Love: Women and Hair Loss

Women and Hair Loss

Today, so many women are losing their hair.  The reasons vary:  poor nutrition and improper diets, lack of rest, lack of exercise, stress, medical issues, medications and so much more.  Women are attempting to perform chemical services such as relaxers and permanent colors at home without the proper knowledge.

Some are experimenting with hair extensions, bonding glues, tight braids and weaves, as well as tension.  Tension and tightness causes “traction alopecia” which is very common among African-American women.  Many joke about taking aspirin before and/or after getting a hair service.  This is NOT funny!!!!  You should NOT be in any pain after receiving a hair service, including weaves.

Sadly, this has become a problem with young girls too.  Many parents get their children’s hair braided for convenience. Teenagers are experimenting with their own hair and damage is done and in some cases, before the child’s hair has completed the growth phases.  When this happens, the child has permanent hair loss damage, hence affecting her self-esteem and body image as she grows up.  And, of course, low self-esteem can be the platform for many other problems to occur throughout her lifetime.

If ever in doubt, consult a professional.  In regards to little girls, DO NOT use a chemical relaxer on their hair until AFTER they have started their menstrual cycles.  The hair goes through three phases:  anagen, catagen and telogen, and interrupting these phases with chemicals can cause permanent damage.  The telogen phase is when boys and girls obtain permanent hair: underarm hair, pubic hair, etc.  So, it’s best to allow the body to go through the proper phases. 

Therefore, your little girl won’t have to ask you, “Mama, why my hair won’t grow long?”

Author:  The World of Wigs, Weaves, and Extensions. Facbook:  Toni Love Cosmetology. Twitter: @cosmogirl205

Editor’s Note: Hair loss in women can be devastating. There are a variety of reasons why it may occur.
I have included some links for anyone who is interested or who may be experiencing this issue.
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