Debra Jaliman MD: New York Board Certified Dermatologist – Acne





Debra Jaliman MD

I’m a New York board certified dermatologist with a private practice on Fifth Avenue. 

One of the main reasons I went into dermatology was because I suffered from acne as a teenager. I spent much time with dermatologists and waspi by the doctors who helped me treat my condition. As a dermatologist, I’ve treated countless patients with acne and have seen how it affects self-esteem. I recall a patient with acne scars who I treated as a resident. She felt hopeless and was seeking therapy as the scars destroyed her self-confidence. She felt her appearance was preventing her from having a boyfriend and getting a job. We were ultimately able to get rid of her acne scars but her story was so impactful and really struck a chord with me. Acne is not life threatening but has a profound effect on people. I’ve encountered teenagers who don’t want to go to school and adults who don’t want to go job interviews because of the way their skin looks.
Today there are various effective methods used to treat acne. For mild acne, there are over- the- counter treatments containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and glycolic acid. For more severe cases, there are prescription medications such as higher concentrations of retinol,  topical antibiotics, higher concentrations of benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics by mouth, hormone blockers, blue light treatments such as the Lightwave, and cortisone injections for cysts. Additionally, for women there is birth control that’s been FDA- approved for acne.
Acne scars are now treatable with lasers such as the Fraxel Duo Laser System and the Medlite C Laser. Microdermabrasion and fillers are also recommend to minimize acne scars.
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