Jordan Weissman: 15 Year Old Leukemia Survivor – It’s Not Easy

aarom12The Body and Self Image Blog is always looking for stories from all walks of life. The most recent call was for people with cancer to describe what it feels like to be in the skin they’re in. The first reply was from the father of  Jordan Weissman. He sent this Youtube video and explained it was directly related to the topic.  The following is from his father David:

On Christmas Eve 2008 Jordan was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. He was very sick and we didn’t know why. Since then he has bravely faced this challenge allowing the doctors at Phoenix Children’s Hospital to determine the best course of treatment to make him well. Initially, he was treated with an oral Chemotherapy drug called Gleevec which made him feel better but did not cure the cancer in his body.

After much debate and extensive testing, it was determined that Jordan’s sister Lena was perfect bone marrow match for Jordan and our family decided to move forward with this procedure in August, 2009.

The transplant was a harrowing experience for both Jordan and Lena. They were strong and brave and very resilient. Jordan particularly faced this episode in his life head on, always knowing that a better day was just hours away. Chemotherapy was unimaginably difficult and Jordan was in the hospital for 6 weeks in isolation. He lost all of his hair and stopped eating for about a month because of the drugs. He was fed intravenously at the hospital and upon his return home for some time.

He has made wonderful progress, has regained his hair and body mass. Recently, he suffered a bout of graft versus host disease which attacked his lungs and put him back in the hospital for 10 days. He had to be treated with heavy doses of steroids to allow him to breathe. It was very scary for all of us.

Jordan is now feeling much better, but continues to recover from the graft versus host disease. Recent testing to determine the success of the transplant showed that Jordan’s blood is now 100 percent his sister’s! The means the graft was 100 percent successful. While the transplant will lead to a complete cure, Jordan is currently considered in remission while his new immune system matures.

It proves once again how we all have a story and no one should ever assume anything about anyone until they take the time to know them.
Thank you Jordan for sharing what it has been like for you.
 “Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” – Yoko Ono
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