Tattoos Make Me Feel Beautiful And Unique by Rease Kirchner

Rease Kirchner

I started getting tattoos when I was sixteen years old. I was the kind of kid who looked like a rebel but was not at all. I feel like tattoos, especially on younger people, are often associated with rebellion of some sort. However, I was a straight A student and had an excellent relationship with my mother. In fact, my first tattoo was a birthday gift from her! I started getting tattoos because it is such a unique form of art. I love being able to take something that has a special meaning to me and have it represented on my body, forever. 
When I got my first tattoo, I already had my second one planned, so yes, I did always know that I wanted to have several. Tattoos are addicting. People say it all the time and it is totally true, but everyone’s reasons are different. For me, it is a way of paying tribute to a passion. Ideas for new tattoos are just constantly manifesting themselves and I become obsessed with having them designed and getting the tattoos done.  I always fall in love with the new art and just want to express more of myself. Currently, I have two big projects in mind that I am dying to have designed. They are both large projects and I have moved away from my home town, so I will need to search out a new artist and save up some money before I get them done. 
As for how it makes me feel about my body, my tattoos make me feel beautiful and unique. Someone can have the same haircut as me, the same clothes or the same body type, but no one will have the tattoos that I do. I do not get tattoos to call attention to myself but I do love that they give me something special that stands out. I have a very large tattoo of gorgeous autumn leaves on my chest. It is something someone can notice about me immediately, it lets them know a little something about me right away and gives them something interesting to remember…
While some of my tattoos may seem silly or purely decorative, each one has a meaning for me. Having these intimate parts of my personality represented on my body makes me feel more open to sharing my experiences and myself with people.

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen
    Jul 08, 2011 @ 01:48:09

    This is wonderful! I love your explanation of tattoos and your relationship with yours.

    I am not addicted (yet) but maybe that’s part of my tattoo story. You can read it here:


  2. Rease
    Jul 08, 2011 @ 04:18:24

    Thanks, Ellen! I loved your explanation too!


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