Linda Froiland: Image Consultant – Small Is Powerful

Linda S. Froiland is an Image Consultant & Wardrobe Stylist in Minneapolis St. Paul. Find out more at

When I was a child, I was very tiny for my age, photos of me in school show me smaller than most of my classmates. As I aged, particularly when I got to junior high school, I was reminded how small I was when shopping for clothing. The older sales women would comment how tiny I was, did I eat? Of course I ate but not much I was very fussy about what I consumed. Even now as an adult while I do like to eat especially fresh organic veggies, I sometimes will go for long periods of time during the day without food. It’s just not something I think about.

As an adult I have rarely struggled with my weight, even when twice pregnant I did not gain much weight. The first time I gained 22 pounds the second time 28 pounds, each time I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital. While all of this sounds good to someone who easily gains weight I do believe it has affected how I see myself around others, especially as a teen and young adult. 

I don’t think I ever felt very powerful because of my size, it has also made me look much younger than my age and so most of my relationships have been with those that are younger than myself, including the men in my life.  I have always felt like I am catching up with things and never quite where I am supposed to be. Finally as an older woman I have realized that those images of myself our powerful and that I need to make sure they don’t undermined what it is that I am doing. Small is powerful, small is strong, small is smart. Now the only thing standing in my way is myself.

 As an image consultant I have clients who struggle with their weight and size. It’s my job to tell them how gorgeous they are and how to really cash in on their assets. I have started a campaign to get women’s clothing companies to look at a demographic that is underserved in the retail market. The over 40, size 12 and up woman who wants to dress as smart as she is. Who wants beautiful clothes that work for her, make her look and feel important? Funny how life hands us the oddest things.

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