I Am Beautiful

I Am Beautiful 

For most of my life, I hated how I looked. I thought my eyes were too small, my nose was too big, my hips too wide, my legs too short. You name it, I probably thought it. Every day I was bombarded with the world’s version of what I should be and I lost sight of what I wanted to be. I thought nobody would like me; I’m not a model, I don’t have the latest fashions, I talk way too loud. How could I compete with everything around me? I felt like I even had to do exactly that, compete, with my friends, be skinnier, funnier, the better singer. But the more I had to compete, the more I fell short. The more I compared myself to others, the lower my self-esteem fell.

Then I met her. She was happy, but she wasn’t skinny. She was short and didn’t have designer clothes, but people liked to be and wanted to be around her. She was beautiful because she thought she was beautiful. She wanted to be happy and she chose to be so.

I wanted to be like her. I wanted to be satisfied with my life. Every day when I looked in the mirror, I found something positive to say about myself. I like the color of my eyes. I like the way my hair looks today. I like the way my butt looks in these jeans. It was hard at first, but now I can give myself compliments. While I still look at the people around me and wish I was that skinny, or had the money to buy that shirt, I know I’m pretty in my own way. I can make a difference in this world, I’m important, and somebody loves me. So when those bad days hit, and I feel like I’m at an all time low I say those words I learned from that girl who changed my life: “You are beautiful, you are wonderful, and you are loved.”

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