They say that so many women have it but, growing up on the beach in Southern California, it felt like I was the only girl plagued with cellulite. Even though I was athletic, a runner, dancer, anything active, I had it. All the women in my family did/do, even though all of us have regular workout routines and eat healthy.

When all my girlfriends were running around playing volleyball, boogie boarding, taking walks in their bikini’s to get the attention of all the cute surfer boys, I would have rather died than done any of those things without covering up. I tried all the creams, loofahs, gimmicks and could still see it, no matter how minuscule it was. To me, it covered my butt and thighs. My friends told me I was crazy and that I was seeing things but I didn’t care. I felt ashamed, fat and so embarrassed! I wasn’t overweight. I always wore a size 5-7 but the cellulite that I saw in the mirror kept me covered up. I even pursued a career in modeling but would always find an excuse NOT to go out on the jobs that involved bathing suits or lingerie. I mainly worked jobs that focused on my face, my hair and those that showcased clothes.

Seeing tabloid magazines that make fun of and criticize female celebrities who have even one little dimple doesn’t help the image issues.

It has greatly affected my life, as I still love going to the beach. My kids would always beg me to take them in the water but I would usually pass on that activity and defer to my husband. Unfortunately my insecurities about my body are still prevalent and seem to have crossed over onto my beautiful thirteen year old daughter who has a gorgeous, hourglass figure. She opts for board shorts instead of bikini bottoms and rarely gets up from her beach chair. If I could change the effect that my low body image has had on her, I would in a heartbeat. I feel very guilty about that, most of all.

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