Interview with Celebrity Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Michelle Yagoda

Dr. Michelle Yagoda, NYC Celebrity Facial Plastic Surgeon.
Dr. Yagoda discusses her observations and how plastic surgery plays a role in body/self image. She notes that plastic surgery often helps people feel better about how they look, resulting in a better self image. Please take a look at her interview and tell us what you think.
What is your practice/specialty? How long?
Facial Plastic Surgery – sixteen years.
When patients come to you for a consultation, do they think that after the procedure they will be happier? Are they happier afterward? 
Sometimes. Usually. This is because they have a healthy self image and realistic expectations. During their initial consultation and subsequent visits, it is my responsibility to identify any potential body dysmorphic disorder and to make sure that the prospective patient is mentally and physically healthy enough to have surgery.
Have you had patients that come back time and again for different procedures?
Yes. For example, a thirteen year old may have acne treatments. Later, at sixteen, she might have rhinoplasty. At twenty-six, she might opt for laser hair removal. As long as requests are reasonable and expectations are realistic, different procedures may be entertained. 
Is there one group that dominates your client list? (For instance: White Women).
There are more Caucasian and Hispanic women and men, followed by African Americans. This may be because of where my office is located geographically. Additionally, African Americans tend to have thicker, more oily skin, both of which delay wrinkling.
In the past several years have you seen an increase in male patients and if so why do you think that is?
Yes. Society is much more focused on male appearance now than in the past. Men have realized that creams, cosmetics and procedures can naturally enhance their looks.
What are the procedures men ask for?
Rhinoplasty. Botox. Filler. Chemical Peels. Liposuction. Chin Implants. Laser Hair Reduction.
Do you believe that if someone has cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks or to “fix” a problem area, it helps to improve their self esteem?
In many situations, this is exactly the case. Their external appearance can finally reflect their internal health and wellness and no longer be a visual distraction.
Is there anything else you would like to add?
If you are considering plastic surgery, find an experienced and well-respected surgeon who practices an integrative approach to beauty. One who can discuss lifestyle changes, topical therapies, ingestible supplements, lasers, fillers and surgery. Not one who offers surgery as the only option.
Dr. Yagoda created Beauty Scoop, an edible beauty supplement that is clinically proven to enhance health and skin’s appearance. You can find out more here:

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