Throw In A Wandering Eye

Age: 36
Gender: Female
It is funny when asked the question of how you see yourself. Right now? I see myself as an overweight Mommy of two young girls. I feel like my husband is no longer interested and if I were him, I would be embarrassed to even be seen in public with me. Given the extra pounds and throw in a wandering eye and you’ve got yourself a circus sideshow.
I have always seen myself as ugly and overweight, but what is so funny is that I would give my right arm to get back down to my pre-baby weight. Unfortunately, it took until just recently for me to figure out that I actually was closer to a healthy weight back then. As for the wandering eye, I was born with it. I had surgery when I was three to correct it. The surgery lasted until I was eighteen and then went off track again. I could just have the surgery again….but then I think? Why bother?
It is so strange to look in the mirror and not even recognize the person looking back at you. If you would ask my friends how they see me? They would say happy and that nothing bothers me…I am VERY good at hiding my inner feelings so that no one will ever know what I really think of myself!

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